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Remembering a unique railway – the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead.

We are the only group dedicated solely to this railway.


Ashcombe Road station, Weston

Broadstone replica shelter

On Tues 25 May 2010 a group of members, local farmers, residents and local press gathered at the original site of Broadstone halt to see us temporarily erect our replica Broadstone shelter “probably the world’s smallest station building” built by member David Butterfield.


The weather was kind, and a couple of local farmers kindly brought along a lovely vintage 1921 Ford lorry and a vintage tractor and cart (see below), which really added to the atmosphere.

The event made the local papers – Evening Post, Clevedon Mercury, and Bristol Observer.

The shelter had been on display at Oakham Treasures, Portbury, for many years then was part of a four-month WC&PR display at Weston Museum.

It now has a new home in the Folk Hall, Portishead, where it is part of a local heritage display. Please note that the display will only be open to the public occasionally.

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