Remembering a unique railway – the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead.

We are the only group dedicated solely to this railway.


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Maps: Alan Godfrey Old Ordnance Survey series

We now stock two different series of the Alan Godfrey Old Ordnance Survey maps:

4.07 Clevedon 1903 9.16 Weston (East) 1902 2.09 Portishead West 9.15 Weston-super-Mare 1901 2.10 Portishead (East) 1930 WC&PR WC&PR WC&PR 2.05 Portishead North < Go back

New - Coloured maps

We now stock coloured versions of the two maps in the large scale series.

Our price only £3 each (RRP is £4.00)

One inch to mile maps

We also now sell two of the 1 inch to a mile Alan Godfrey map series which covers almost the whole area of the WC&PR route. Our price only £2.50 each (RRP is £3.00)

Large scale series - click to select

Coloured series - click to select

1 inch to mile series - click to select