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Maps: Alan Godfrey Old Ordnance Survey series

Sheet 2.10 - Portishead (East) 1930


This detailed map is one of three for Portishead. It covers the eastern part of the town, with coverage stretching from the High Street eastward to Portbury House and Sheepway Gate Farm. Much of the map is rural but features include the GWR and Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway, the latter with two stations; the Nail Factory opened by the Mustad Manufacturing Co, which specialised in horseshoe nails; Moor Farm, brick works, Middle Bridge, Severn Kraft Mills, New Town. On the reverse we include extracts from a 1902 directory plus a railway timetable for the Bristol-Portishead line. Published 2007. Introduction by Mike Bone.

The map links up with Sheet 2.05 Portishead North to the north and Sheet 2.09 Portishead West to the west.


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Map: Portishead East 1930

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2.10 Portishead (East) 1930