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Maps: Alan Godfrey Old Ordnance Survey

On this website we offer for sale all of the Alan Godfrey large scale map series which currently cover the WC&P route. For completeness, we also offer the other maps to complete the set for these towns.

The maps are highly detailed, taken from the 1/2500 plans and reprinted at about 15 inches to the mile. They cover towns in great detail, showing individual houses, railway tracks, factories, churches, mills, canals, etc and even minutiae such as dockside cranes, fountains, signal posts, pathways, sheds, wells, etc. Each map includes historical notes on the area concerned. Many also include extracts from contemporary directories. The maps are neatly folded, with an early photograph on the cover.

The maps which include the WC&PR are marked below.

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4.07 Clevedon 1903 9.16 Weston (East) 1902 2.09 Portishead West 2.05 Portishead North 9.15 Weston-super-Mare 1901

2.05 Portishead (North) 1930

2.09 Portishead (West) 1930

2.10 Portishead (East) 1930


Clevedon 1903


Weston-super-Mare 1901


Weston (East) 1902

2.10 Portishead (East) 1930 WC&PR WC&PR WC&PR Order by post ...

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Large scale 15 inch to mile

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